Safe at Home Training Adds Food Safety

Prevention 1st’s Safe at Home safety training has always included important cooking safety skills to prevent kitchen fires and burns. Now it will also address the top 3 causes of foodborne illness: Improper hand washing; Not cooking foods to the correct temperature; and Storing foods at incorrect temperature. The training will include cues to action and information to be shared with caregivers and circles of support.

The Food Safety curriculum covers 4 topics:

CLEAN, including proper techniques for handwashing, cleaning dishes, surfaces and inside of refrigerator, and storing cleaning supplies.

SEPARATE, avoiding cross-contamination by storing raw meat or seafood separate from other foods on the lowest refrigerator shelf, and cleaning hands and all items that come in contact with raw meat or seafood.

COOK, including following directions, microwave safety, minimum safe internal cooking temperatures, and how to use a meat thermometer.

CHILL, covering proper refrigeration, freezing and thawing techniques.

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