Mikey Makes a Mess


The story is about Mikey, a little boy who likes to leave his things exactly where he wants them–in the middle of the floor. His parents aren’t too pleased. But then Mikey’s daddy leaves out something he shouldn’t–a book of matches. Both of them learn there are some things that shouldn’t be left lying around. In addition to the lesson that matches and lighters are adult tools only, the story is a gentle reminder that picking up clutter and keeping pathways clear is a good safety technique too.

Written by Carolyn Kourofsky & Illustrated by Jennifer Glanton

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In English:

In Spanish:

After you’ve read the book, help Mikey get out of his home when the smoke alarms goes off. Play Help Mikey Make It Out

Praise for Mikey Makes a Mess:

Mikey Makes A Mess presents a serious topic in an effective story format that is excellent for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and well as for their typical peers. Our students at Holy Childhood loved this story about Mikey! The message was clear, the story was simple and the drawings were motivating for everyone!”
– Kathryn Miller, Assistant Supervisor of the School Program, School of the Holy Childhood

“The illustrations are wonderful, and the little extras–smoke alarms on almost every page, the teddy bear in different spots, and the toys and other objects in the scenes–are excellent for vocabulary building.”
– Margo Kourofsky, retired speech therapist, BOCES, Plattsburgh, New York

“EXCELLENT resource for Fire Safety Week”
– YWCA, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Great book.”
– Public Education Specialist, Salina Fire Department

“We currently serve areas of Hispanic culture, and integrate bilingual read-alouds, but this book has both the English and Spanish print which facilitates this process.”
– CSA Head Start