Before the Fire

Before the Fire: Prevention Works was created by educators and fire safety experts to provide effective fire safety lesson plans for teachers, preschool and day care providers, parents and caregivers  to teach children about fire, fire prevention, and escaping a fire.

The free Before the Fire download includes:

Lesson plans by grade level:  PreK-2; Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8

Lesson plans by topic:  Fire Prevention; Emergency Preparedness; Escaping a Fire; The Science of Fire and Smoke

Each of the 21 lesson plans includes:

  • Learning objective
  • Activities
  • Suggested time required
  • Links to videos and other resources

Sample PreK-2 lesson plan:       How We Use Fire

Sample Grade 3-5 lesson plan:   Microwave Safety

Sample Grade 6-8 lesson plan:   Science 1: What Burns and How

Free Download all 21 Before the Fire lesson plans:

Free Download of “Before the Fire” Materials

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