Safer Heating: Kerosene Heaters

Use these tips for all types of space heaters.

Gas-fueled heating devices pose extra hazards because of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Be sure your heater is in good working condition, with no carbon buildup in the exhaust parts. Your heater should have an emergency shut off in case it tips over.


How Can People With Disabilities Be Safe While Living Independently?

People with developmental disabilities are at higher risk for injuries, and as they move into more independent living their risk increases.



While unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for everyone from age 1 to 44, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at even higher risk. People with such disabilities are …CONTINUE READING

Who Needs Injury Prevention Education? Everyone!

5th- and 6th-Graders at Hillel Community Day School learned about home safety to teach their schoolmates.

Sometimes when we at Prevention 1st explain our focus on home safety and injury prevention, we get a puzzled look that says: “Really? Who needs that?”

Just a few of the requests for training we’ve received recently, which …CONTINUE READING

Keep Safety On When the Power Goes Off

Whether it’s the blizzards currently wracking much of the country, hurricanes or tornadoes, storms in any season can leave your home without power. Use these tips from the Red Cross and National Fire Protection Association to stay safe at home:

Never use your oven to heat your home. An open door on either a gas …CONTINUE READING

Ignorance Is Risky: Why We Still Need to Promote Fire Safety

Twice each year, Prevention 1st renews its educational campaign: “Change Your Clock; Test Your Alarms; Practice Your Home Fire Drill; Alarm Goes Off You Get Out,”

It’s important to keep getting out these basic fire safety messages. Because, people still just don’t get it. And ignorance can be deadly.

Several surveys over recent years …CONTINUE READING