Kids Learn – and Teach – Home Safety

Students at Rochester City School #17 will not only learn about fire and home safety in the coming semester, they will also teach it to their schoolmates, thanks to a grant to Prevention1st from the John F. Wegman Fund of the Rochester Area Community Foundation.

Through its Peer to Peer Home Safety program, trainers from Prevention 1st will teach the students about home hazards, kitchen and cooking safety, smoke alarms and CO detectors, home fire drills, bike safety and seat belts, and poison prevention. They will also coach them in developing and presenting lessons to teach this information to classmates in their own and lower grades.

“When they’re preparing to teach others, the kids really learn and remember these safety lessons” said Bob Crandall, who has previously taught Peer to Peer Home Safety at other schools and Quad A for Kids. “They also gain confidence in speaking and presenting, becoming leaders in the classroom. They put their own spin on the material and develop their own personal presentation style.”

The peer to peer training model has been found to be an effective way of teaching health and safety behaviors. Colleges and universities are using peer training to teach students about alcohol abuse, and high schools have successfully used it for conflict mediation and anti-bullying efforts (The National Peer Educator Study, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, 2014). Young people appear to more readily accept and use information about behavioral change from people their own age, rather than a more traditional “top down” approach.

Learn more about Prevention 1st‘s Peer to Peer Home Safety training.