Top Safety Concerns for People With Developmental Disabilities: Fire and Cooking

Read Part 1: How Can People With Disabilities Be Safe While Living Independently?

Recently Prevention 1st convened Safe at Home: Effective Safety Training for People with Intellectual Disabilities Living Independently. Co-sponsored with the NYS Office of People With Developmental Disabilities and Monroe Community College, this community conference drew more than 100 attendees including people with …CONTINUE READING

How Can People With Disabilities Be Safe While Living Independently?

People with developmental disabilities are at higher risk for injuries, and as they move into more independent living their risk increases.



While unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for everyone from age 1 to 44, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at even higher risk. People with such disabilities are …CONTINUE READING

Putting Prevention First: Ontario, Canada is Leading the Way

Putting out fires might seem the first line of defense for fire departments working to keep their communities safe. Enforcing fire safety codes usually comes second, and preventive education comes third—and often is cut from tight budgets.

But the province of Ontario, Canada has turned that traditional order of priorities upside down to put public …CONTINUE READING

Workplace Fire Drills--That Work

How to Plan and Hold Workplace Fire Drills Your Employees Will Want to Do — and That Could Save Lives

Fire drills. You know you should have them, you’ve been meaning to plan them, maybe next week. Or, maybe, your only fire “drill” was an unannounced exit when the alarm sounded. How did that go? …CONTINUE READING

Why Are Children Fascinated With Fire?

by Robert E. Cole, PhD, Robert E. Crandall and Carolyn E. Kourofsky

Download a printable pdf of this article here.

It’s the question we hear most often when parents, teachers and caregivers want to understand children’s fireplay: Why are children so fascinated with fire?

The fact is, not only children but adults find fire …CONTINUE READING

How to Prevent Scalds at Home

In the Kitchen

Plan ahead before cooking. Wear short- or tight-sleeved garments while cooking. Plug ovens and other cooking appliances directly into an outlet. Never use an extension cord for a cooking appliance; it can trip the user, which can cause hot food spills. Keep all appliance cords coiled and away from counter edges. When …CONTINUE READING

The Top 3 Causes of Scary Halloween ER Visits - And How to Prevent Them


Halloween frights should be fun, not painful. Avoiding a scary visit to the hospital is simple, but requires some forethought.

Here are the most common reasons kids visit the hospital on Halloween, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and tips for avoiding the …CONTINUE READING

7 Simple Steps for Fire Safety

Prevent Fire

Don’t smoke in bed or when sleepy. Smoking materials are the cause of 24% of home fire fatalities. Turn off portable space heaters when you leave the room or go to sleep. Heating equipment is the source of an additional 24% of home fire fatalities. Turn off the stove if you have to …CONTINUE READING