Prevention 1st is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to prevent unintentional injury for populations at particularly high risk: children, older adults, and people with disabilities.

Why preventable injuries?

Unlike other leading causes of death, reduced quality of life, and health care costs–such as smoking, obesity and diabetes–preventable injuries have not received much attention. Yet it’s much easier to buckle a seat belt, check a smoke alarm, or put away clutter that can cause a fall than it is to make major lifestyle changes.

Also unlike other leading causes of death such as tobacco use and poor diet, deaths due to injuries affect the young and old alike. Because of this, life-years lost due to injuries are likely to exceed those from other preventable causes.

Injuries are a serious but hidden contributor to health care costs. They account for more than a third of all emergency department visits, and cost the nation $80 billion every year in medical costs alone. The estimated lifetime cost of injuries occurring in a single year in the U.S is more than $406 billion.

Our Current Programs

  • After the Fire: The Teachable Moment
  • Before the Fire: Prevention Works
  • Help Mikey Make It Out (interactive game)
  • Home Fire Drill Campaign
  • Home Safe Home Workshops
  • Mikey Makes a Mess educational storybook
  • Peer to Peer Home Safety Training
  • Safe at Home: Safety Training for People With Intellectual Disabilities
  • Safe Routes to School

Read about our programs here.

You Can Help

Your tax-deductible gift to Prevention1st can:

  • Help a child cope with the aftermath of a fire at home.
  • Bring life-saving safety education to her classroom.
  • Inspire a family to plan and practice a home fire drill, so they will respond quickly if a crisis strikes.
  • Protect a loved one with a developmental disability by bringing him safety education designed especially for his learning needs.

Donate now

You can also support Prevention 1st through the United Way of Greater Rochester. Our Donor Choice ID # is 2472.